Pride in Rainbow Parenting

We are here to support and guide you in this difficult journey.

Learn what to do to navigate your own feelings and how to support your children when they come out as a part of the LGBTQIA community. This was a very lonely time for Michele as there was not much help and guidance available. She learned to maneuver this life changing scenario by researching and having OPEN communication with her transgender son. She also learned how to create healthy boundaries with family, work with the public school system, but most of all she learned that listening to her child and validating his feelings was of the utmost importance.


Transform Your Health...

Empowering You: Change Your Health By Changing Your Thought Patterns

By: Author Michele Light

After years of neglecting her health, mother and business owner Michele Light realized that pain and fatigue are holding her back from enjoying treasured, once-in-a-lifetime moments before her daughter’s wedding. Instead of accepting limitations, Michele draws a line in the sand, and begins a transformational journey — one from which women of many stages in life and can draw inspiration. Join Michele on her ongoing journey of imperfect progress, discovering timeless principles and practical tips to enhance your own wellness, relationships, and self-esteem.


Light House Life Mastery Coaching Welcomes You

Explore The Possibilities within YOU!

Certified Life Mastery Consultants Andrew & Michele Light can help you design & manifest a life that's in harmony with your Soul’s purpose.


Andy & Chele Light Lifestyle Coaches, Mentors, & Advisors


The Evocative Approach

Bringing out of  YOU what has been there all along.

The evocative coaching approach is an architectural process in which your are building new thought patterns, and using mindful words to create a foundation to change your current unfavorable results. Your story is morphed into a story of Victory and you are no longer the victim of your past.
It is very different from counselors or therapists who are archeologists, which is the 'digging up of old history' and rehearsing and nursing your hurts continuously.
We focus on the plans or blue prints that you would love to create, be, give, do, and have for your life. We source information for you through serving, teaching, learning, and coaching to get you the RESULTS you have always been searching for, that have always been right where they belong... INSIDE YOU!

Lifestyle, Coaching, & Mentoring Sessions

This service is a favorite among many of our clients, as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. Our job is to serve you in the grand capacity of fulfilling the passions of your heart. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at creating new thought patterns that will open doors to creating a life you absolutely love. Call now to schedule a session.

Wandering Traveler

Self Image
Self Worth
Healthy Boundaries

Throughout our lives we struggle to find our own worth and purpose. There are so many outside images that show us or tell us what we should look and act like, but what can we do to authentically be ourselves and be proud of who we are? Through our time together you will learn of your own worth and purpose. You will also learn what to do to create healthy boundaries for yourself and others in your life in keeping your own space sacred.

Vision Workshops

Vision Workshops are given as a complimentary service. These are 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 3 Hour Workshops done in groups geared towards Business Building, Time/Money Freedom, Relationships, or Health and Wellness.  We would LOVE to serve you in the capacity you need. We respond quickly and efficiently to serve you.


Relationship Coaching Session

Light House Life Mastery Coaching Serves All Couples regardless of gender, race, and preferences.

Let us serve you in YOUR relationship. Revitalize in yourself and partner what you think you may have lost. Cultivate a new found love and freedom with your relationship. 

Don't have a partner? Looking for that love of your life? Let us serve you in that capacity, helping you to manifest the qualities of that love in your life before you even meet that person. 

Public & Inspirational Speaking Events

Would you like an interactive Speaker at your event? Large or small, Light House Life Mastery Coaching can compliment any talk or speaking event. We aim high in service to pour into your audience leaving them feeling empowered. We have talks ranging from 5 minutes up to 3 hours. Choose your length for the need of your audience. 


Whatever your life’s Passion is, we are here to help you achieve that which you seek. Contact us to find out more.


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The Power within...

Health Made Easy with Dr. Jason Jones

Listen to this wonderful podcast with Dr. Jason Jones interviewing transformational coach Michele Light about the amazing turn of events her life took once she decided to change her thought habits.


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